Generac GP17500E Review: Best Generator Under $3000

For more than 50 years now, Generac has been known to manufacture reliable and efficient generators. And their prominence is still on point up until today. For many reasons, a lot of homeowners and business owners trust their products.

Today, they are claiming that they have the most powerful inverter generator. Although it is pretty arguable, many are asking if it is a fact at all. Of course, there is no doubt about the success of the brand along with their products. But, do they really have the most powerful type of portable generators?

Generac GP17500E Electric Start Portable Generator is a model that they actually claim to be the powerful type in all of their product lines. At one glance, one would really say it is, but, in considering the totality of the features, is it still the best and most powerful generator of today?
If you are asking the same questions and you really want to know since you are planning to buy one soon, then this short review guide may help you.

Generac GP17500 Portable Generator : Overview

Rated Wattage: 17500W
Peak Wattage: 26250W
Engine: 992.0 cc
Fuel: Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity: 10 Gallon
Half-Load Run time: 16 Hours
Noise Level: Idle Controllable
Price: Below $3000

Is It The Right Inverter Generator For You?

There is actually a connotation on the word, “Generac.” For some people, it could simply mean the brand of the generators. Others, however, would rather see it as a manufacturer of the greatest and most reliable generators. Either way, this makes the brand very popular.
And much more when they have claimed that the GP17500E is the most powerful generator of today. But, it all comes down to the question - is it the right one for you?

The Generac GP17500E Inverter Generator Is For You If:

You have a high demand for power supply
You need the generator in a commercial setting
Price is not entirely a matter of concern
You are looking for a durable generator
You are after a reasonable engine size

On the other hand, this generator may not be the best option for you if:

You do not have a huge requirement for power
You want a much cheaper inverter generator
You need a small and portable generator
You like your generator quiet and smooth
You want a reliable after-sales support

Key Features and Specifications of The Generac GP17500E

Here are some of the key features and specifications that you may want to check out:
17500/26250 Rated/Peak Wattages
The Generac 5735 GP17500E Generator features 17500 watts for its rated wattage and 26250 watts for its peak wattage. These figures are ideally and theoretically powerful since they are really high.
In application, using this generator can run a 5-ton air conditioner which is also equivalent to 16 circuits. And with these capabilities, one could really say that this generator is capable of doing its functions on several commercial sites like construction.
Reliable Engine
This inverter generator features 992 cc of engine. Large-capacity fuel tank with integrated fuel gauge is actually designed to provide enough stability that can stand long hours of operation. Aside from its overall volume, the OHVI engine is equipped with full pressure lubrication and style spin on its oil filter which are responsible for extended run times and longer life.

Large-capacity fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge
Durable and Sturdy Structure
The overall structure and design of the Generac GP 17500-Running Watt Portable Generator are very stable, sturdy, and durable. The frames are actually made from hardened steel frames. They are 1 ¼” in thickness which is really on point in comparison with other brands and models.
Also, this model comes with a full 2-year warranty support.
Easy To Use and Control
All of the controls and settings found in this inverter generator are easy to use and easy to understand. Also, you will see that in each of these settings, there are certain guidelines and instructions that allows the users to use this at ease.
So, whether it will be your first time to use a heavy-duty generator, you can be sure of every configuration and setup that you will be making in the process.
Moreover, all of these are placed and positioned where they can all provide an ergonomic and easy access to the users.
Package Inclusions
For a price that falls below $3000, users will get to enjoy as well the 12-volt DC 365-CCA Battery, Oil Supply (first processing), Wheel Kit, Instruction Manual, and Maintenance Kit.

Advantages and Pros

Heavy-Duty Generator
The Generac GP17500E Inverter Generator is a heavy-duty type. And this is very ideal for many commercial sites and can be definitely used as a backup power to many residential homes.
Easy To Use
Thanks to its instruction manual and ergonomically-positioned settings, every user will no longer need to research or study further the points on how to use this generator.
Durable and Sturdy
All of the materials used in its design and structure are all efficient and reliable. Users can expect for this inverter generator to last for years. Also, this makes it much more ideal for rugged, commercial, and outdoor uses.
Reliable Features
All of the features included in this generator are all reliable and efficient. And this is another factor why a lot of commercial and business owners are fond of this inverter generator.

Disadvantages and Cons

The overall cost of buying the Generac GP17500E is rated below $3000. And with this amount, it can be quite hefty for many, especially for homeowners. But even so, this could also be an investment in many business institutions.
Not Portable
The Generac GP17500E is marketed as a portable generator. But the truth is, this model is not entirely lightweight and portable. Although it is quite easy to move around, it cannot be carried easily from time to time.
Noisy Operation
This generator is quite noisy as users utilize it. Although it features an idle control mode, which lessens the noise levels, this one is still a little too noisy in comparison with other heavy-duty models.

Other Users’ Reviews and Experiences with The Generac GP17500E

“Like the other reviews, this unit is big and heavy duty. It's made in America and the craftsmanship reflects it. Nothing about this generator is light duty”
“Long story short, I am very happy with it. Performed very well during 11 days of outage in Sandy, and numerous other outages.”
“This is an impressive machine.. In terms of performance, we've had a brief power outage recently, and the generator, inside it's shed, has worked flawlessly.”

The Verdict: Is It The Most Powerful Generator Today?

The Generac GP17500E generator is a very powerful and heavy-duty generator. But when taking it as the most powerful one today, it can be arguable and debatable.
It is true that it can provide enough power and efficiency but it all actually depends on the users and the users’ purpose. So, depending on the application, it can be really difficult to tell if this is the most powerful generator today.
But even so, you can expect enough power, durability, reliability, and efficiency with the Generac GP17500E.
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