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The effects of power outages are becoming more pronounced due to our increasing reliance on electricity. But we don’t have to needlessly suffer from those inescapable power outages at all. For instance, investing in a generator is one sure-fire way of going through power outages relatively unscathed. The question now is, which one fits your needs?

ByeByeStandBy Team

The ByeByeStandBy.com site was founded by Andrew, an electronics enthusiast who also owns a business that sells electrical equipment. With his passion for electronics, power outages are one of his worst nightmares. Thus, he learned to fight back by arming himself with knowledge and learned everything there is to learn about generators.
The team behind ByeByeStandBy.com is just as passionate about generators as Andrew is. All team members are electronics enthusiasts like Andrew and, due to their hobbies, they just can’t live without a ready backup power in their homes. With their collective experience of installing their own generators at home, the team is an authority when it comes to weighing both the technical aspects of a generator as well as its pricing.

ByeByeStandBy Mission

Unless you are a trained electrical expert, it won’t be that easy to choose the right generator for you. Obviously, you can’t base your choice on pricing alone as there will always be quality products that priced at a bargain and, at the same time, there will always be higher priced products that are not up to standards when it comes to specs and quality.
That is what ByeByeStandBy.com is for.
Our mission is to help buyers make well-informed buying decisions and get the best deals possible.
We do that by providing high-quality options and suggestions to our readers. You’ll find various generator reviews and buying guides in this site containing detailed descriptions as to their advantages and disadvantages to give you a more balanced information before making a purchase.
But the ByByeStandBy.com’s commitment to helping you get the best out of your generators does not end there. You will also find tons of resources about generators in general such as tips in maintenance as well as mistakes to avoid when operating these machines.
We’ll be posting regular updates as new products make their way into the market. Be sure to visit us regularly and contact us if you want to inquire about something more specific.
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