Feedback from some Bye Bye Standby Customers

“Simple to install, simple to use, with an element of fun”


“Really nice product and very compact compared to others”


“Great - simple, effective, easy to use!!!!”


“What a brilliant kit. In this day and age of EMF pollution, this is a very welcome device for a clean environment and reduction of costs and fire risk. Great for bedrooms, study and TV room”


“Watched The Gadget Show and next day went to shops… and looked on-line”


“Your Bye Bye is ideal for saving me stretching under my telly every time we put it on and the one we have for the lamp means we can turn that on as we enter the house”


“I like this product because my mum can use it in her home, saving her the need to bend over and pull out a plug, which at 75 could be a danger as she gets a bit dizzy. I rate it as an aid for the senior members of my family more than an environmental aid”


“Very good price for such a good product - great idea and an excellent product”


“This is a splendid idea and solves a problem that my husband and I were just discussing the other day. Well done and we look forward to seeing your other products in this line”


“Great idea - have bought two sets – great for Xmas trees thanks!”


“Excellent, every home should have them”


“This is very useful for my wife who has a disability and cannot bend down to reach the sockets that require turning off”