Home energy wastage calculator 

Here is a quick way to estimate the power you will use around your home whilst your devices are on standby...


Number you
leave on standby
Type of device
Approximate power
TV sets
Set-top boxes (Freeview, Sky, NTL, etc)
DVD players
Video players
CD players
Mobile phone chargers / battery chargers / adapters
Computer monitors
Computer speakers
Router / modem / broadband box
Microwave ovens
Washing machines
Tumble driers
Total power consumption
Total power consumed per year
Using Bye Bye Standby you could save up to
... and up to £


N.B. This model assumes the following:

  • Your devices are typical of modern devices found around the home in the UK
  • The devices shown are in operational mode (i.e. Bye Bye Standby is not operational) for around 7 hours per day (4PM -> 11PM for a typical TV)
  • There are roughly 20 million homes in the UK
  • Devices such as telephones, burglar alarms, CCTV systems, etc, are left on standby all the time and Bye Bye Standby is not used to reduce their energy use.